26 August, 2020

Our Story

IADSA was founded in 2007 by a group of agility competitors who joined forces to start an association that was run entirely by agility competitors. The idea was that all members needs and desires would be at the heart of the associations decision making. Since its inception IADSA has grown from strength to strength and now has over one hundred members. IADSA licenced competitions offer dogs and handlers four jump heights and seven different grades. This allows members to compete against dogs of similar size and ability.

Our Objectives

  1. To develop and promote a variety of dog sports in Ireland
  2. To encourage handlers from a broad spectrum of the population to become active in dog sports
  3. To govern competitive trials and demonstrations in sanctioned dog sports under the rules of IADSA.
  4. To become full members of the IFCS
  5. To conduct educational programs on training, judging, and responsible dog ownership
  6. To contribute to charitable organisations for the benefit of dogs.
  7. To assist in the development and popularization of agility
  8. To assist in the development of other kinds of dog sports (with the exclusion of blood sports)