20 February, 2021


Below you will find some of our frequently asked questions. If what your looking for is not here please get in touch. We are always happy to help in any way we can.

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  • Do I need to register with IADSA before entering a show?

To enter one of licenced events you must become a member. A single membership costs €15 and can be paid online or by post. Please see the become a member section of the website.

  • How many height categories are there in IADSA?

Since 2020, there are 4 heights in IADSA. We believe that all dogs should be able to compete against dogs of similar sizes.

  • Do you cater for junior handlers?

Yes, IADSA have a junior class classification for persons aged 18 or under on the day that they compete. It is up to the society or club in question as to whether they offer this class during any given event. The classes available for each show will be listed on that shows schedule.

  • Once I become a member what happens next? Do I need to have my dog measured?

Once you are a member you can book your dog in to be measured by emailing [email protected]. Measuring sessions are carried out around the country several times a year. For more information about measuring see our ‘IADSA Measuring’ section of the website.

  • Can I do a training round at an IADSA licenced event?

For dogs grades 1-4 training rounds are permitted at the Judge’s discretion, but you will only have the set course time. Toys are allowed in your hand or on your person during a training round, but no food is allowed on your person under any circumstances.

  • Can I use food, a clicker or toys with me into the ring when I am competing?

Handlers are allowed to bring in a silent toy in a zipped pocket while competing. Food toys and food are not allowed in your hand, in your pockets or anywhere on your person if you are competing.

  • Are shows insured?

Yes, all IADSA licenced shows are fully insured.

  • Can crossbreed dogs compete at IADSA shows or does my dog have to be a pedigree?

Yes, all breeds or crossbreeds of dogs are allowed to compete at any of our events.

  • Can my dog wear a collar and/or harness when competing?

Dogs are not permitted to wear a harness when they enter an IADSA ring, but can wear a flat collar as long as there is no hanging identity tag on.

  • I have already competed with the Irish Kennel Club and/or UK Kennel Club, do I still begin at grade 1?

Dogs who are already competing under The Kennel Club system must transfer their current grade when entering an IADSA show. For example, if your dog competes at grade 4 in the kennel club you must enter him at grade 4 in IADSA also. Once a dog is registered with IADSA results from other organisations such as the Kennel Club no longer matter as progression is entirely separate.

  • Are there running orders posted at IADSA licenced shows or do I just queue up with my dog when the class I have entered is on?

All IADSA licenced shows will have a running order posted publicly prior to the show. Dogs must run in the order they appear on the running list unless, in certain cases, where a handler has multiple dogs in the same category. In this case, the running order may be rectified on the day by the call-up steward.