5 February, 2017

Join Us

** We apologise for the delay and we are working on getting our membership process for this year up and running as fast as we can. We hope it will be available soon. We will notify you on our social media platforms as soon as it is ready **


If you are looking to join IADSA or renew your current membership you’re in the right place!

Existing members will know that you can renew online via the myAgileDog website (myagiledog.net). New members CANNOT join IADSA using myAgileDog as all new members have to be approved by the Committee prior to being added to myAgileDog.

New membership applications and renewal forms can be submitted and paid online here by PayPal or alternatively you can post a cheque or postal order to our IADSA secretary. You can post a completed paper version of our membership forms to the address on the form or send a digitally filled out form to us via our email address membership.iadsa@gmail.com.

New Membership Application Form – 2021 * Not available yet

Membership Renewal Form – 2021 * Not available yet

To become a member of IADSA you must agree to our Code Of Conduct, please make sure that you read this document below so that you are fully informed of its content. Also provided here is our Privacy Statement that you should read and understand before becoming a member of IADSA.

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If you would like to make a payment to IADSA online, simply click on the paypal link here.

Please enter your name and details of payment (i.e. new, renewal, etc…) into the ‘Note’ area on this payment page