5 February, 2017

Forms & Documents

To hire our timing equipment, please submit the following form to us: Hire Timing Equipment Form

To apply for a licence to run a show under IADSA Rules, please submit the following form to us: Licence Application Form

Membership Renewal ONLINE

My Agile Dog

Membership Forms (by email or post)

RENEWAL Membership Form 2020 – PDF

RENEWAL Membership Form 2020 – DOC

NEW Membership Form 2020

New Dog Registration Form


Agility Starter Guide

Agility Competition Etiquette

IADSA Competition & Rules

IADSA Constitution

If you would like to make a payment to IADSA on line, simply click on the paypal link below.

Please enter your name and details of payment (i.e. new, renewa, etc…) into the ‘Note’ area on this payment page.